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quick update

This is just a quickie for everyone...

Thank you all for your prayers over the past's been, well, just crazy. I guess I've never dealt well with things deviating from my "careful planning". I learned the hard way that all the careful planning in the world means nothing when God has a different plan in mind. I can safely say that since last Thursday morning, not ONE thing went according to my plan! All in all, it's OK because everything turned out OK. But quite honestly, I think my mood is a little down, partially due to all of this.

However, all moodiness aside, I am very happy to be home and continuing to recover. I have to remind myself to take it slow...I sometimes expect myself to just jump back in and feel "normal" but I'm finding that doesn't happen right away. Thank God for Adam...not only is he great with Elijah but he reminds me to slow down and relax.