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Sadie acting all stealth-like...getting ready to pounce on Finnegan, I think...

Check out her very laser-like eyes...she's a spaz!

Oscar and Finnegan both thought they were going to take a walk with us today...

This is when we first got to the park today...

Elijah having some fun swinging...he tired of it pretty quickly!

But he's still soooo cute!

Elijah and Hussy having some quality bonding time...look closely and you'll see Finnegan hiding out in the background, sticking his head in the cat tee pee!

9 months...already???

I can't believe he's already 9 months old! Sometimes it seems like these picutres were taken only a short time ago...

But then I remember he's just growing up and getting SO BIG!

Maybe if he wakes up from his nap in a SUPER good mood, I'll get some pictures of him today, too
This child seems to just ham it up when the camera comes out! He hears it beep when it turns on and comes hurrying over to get his picture taken! Below are some pictures from last night and this morning...he was showing off big time!

These are of him eating his pacifier...he thinks it's so funny and always comes and shows me when he does it!

still more pics

Hmmm...kinda seems like all I do is post pictures now. Oh well, maybe something exciting will happen sooner or later and I can write about it then...for now, here's some pictures:

These were all taken just because I thought he looked SO stinkin' cute in his matching PJ's and hat! Excuse the messy living room in the background...I don't even bother picking up his stuff until he's sleeping!

Kind of funny how much they look alike in that second picture!

He has crazy hair sometimes! I'm just glad he's finally getting some real hair!

yay for babies!

I don't have too much info but I least have some stats:
Born at 10:04 am EST
6 lbs, 7.7 oz
20 inches long
Mom, Dad and Baby are fine!

Olivia Clee Jeannette Seiberling

Mom and Olivia...

Dad and Olivia...

and the first family picture!!!!

And now, for your viewing pleasure while I wait for pictures of my newest niece, here are some pictures from late last week and this weekend!!!

First, walk time! Elijah is my awesome walking companion...he's making sure I get out every day! We're doing between 2.5 and 3.5 miles a day now...

and then some more of my boy in his muscle shirt:

...and wearing his Dad's socks so he looks like he has big feet...

This was the next day, while we were waiting for Adam to get back with a bicycle pump...I had been walking with the tires rather deflated...ok, they were empty of all air except maybe just a little!

how's that tire taste, Elijah??

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa B...he loved the tissue paper and the book, but he loved the snuggling more!

Next morning, he showed us how "grown up" he is now that he eats half a banana at a time!!

Later that day, we went to Grandma and Grandpa G's house for a birthday cook out for Adam...Elijah ate THREE bananas and a hot dog and over…