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We got some cute pictures and videos in the past couple days that I really wanted to share with everyone...

This is Sadie's NEW shirt to keep her from licking her scabs (still gross!). She was NOT really happy about it, as I think her expression makes pretty clear! Poor lady! Eventually, we gave in and took it off for awhile...which is when the fun began:

Finnegan in a much too small sweater!

And Hussy looking mighty cute in the sweater!

Later last night, Adam and I were putting plastic on our windows. We were doing Elijah's room and he was hanging out with us and "helping". Elijah likes to "help" me do things in his room by dumping things out, as evidenced in a previous post. So here is Elijah helping us plastic windows:

No, he didn't climb into the basket by himself...Daddy put him there but it was cute nonetheless! And here are some of Daddy with Elijah-in-a-basket:

The second picture is a pretty close picture of his "squinty smile"!

Later, Elija…