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Yeah, I know...posts and pictures are scarce right now. But in my defense, my child didn't go to sleep last night until NOON TODAY! Yeah, we put him to bed, he slept for about 20 minutes, woke up screaming and was not really in the mood for anything. In fact, I FELL ASLEEP nursing him once and he woke me up to let me know it was time to switch sides! That was about 5am. I thought once or twice that he was finished but no...when I attempted to move at all he protested quite loudly. Finally, about 7am, I couldn't even think any more...he'd eaten again, been changed and rocked and sung to and had his back rubbed and we did his "leg presses" (ya know, to get the gas out!)...there was nothing else. I laid him in his crib and went to try to sleep...20 minutes and "Lungs" was at it again. I let him cry, thinking he was just "consoling himself to sleep"...I have read that some babies need to cry to fall, he wasn't going to sleep for AN…