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aching shins

I have shin splints...for the first time in MONTHS! I should have known better...I decided to do some trail running the past two days. On Wednesday I did 6 miles and yesterday I did just over 5 miles. My legs are screaming at me right now. I overdid it...I just got so excited because the weather was so nice and I wanted to run outside as much as possible while my Adam was off from work. Ugh...I'm suffering today! I really, really want to go running today but I think I'm going to have to force myself to wait. With the walking/pushing the stroller I did today I think THAT with some stretching is about the extent of my training!

over a year...

It's been over a year of trying to get pregnant. It's been a year of semi-craziness on my part...waking up every morning and taking my temperature, charting signs and symptoms, and hoping, every month, that we would be pregnant. And every month that dream was shattered. Some months were harder than others...the months where I was really late and thought FOR SURE it HAD to be this month that it worked! Nope.

I told Adam that I was just going to stop thinking about it. I can't. I won't lie to myself. I want more children. I will still think about it...probably not as much but I'd be silly to say I'm just going to stand idly by and hope for the best.

It is in God's hands...this much I know. I can't plan it...but I was hoping I could maybe "help it along" a little. I guess not. My help wasn't needed in that area!

Who would have thought that it would be so difficult to get pregnant when you really want to have a baby? I mean, I know there are plen…