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family stuff

First, to anyone who reads this and wonders why I haven't just come to you and told you about this, I am a terrible talker...especially when I'm upset or feeling emotional. I have a very hard time putting my thoughts and feelings into spoken words, and I have a bad habit of turning my troubled emotions into anger. This makes talking about things very difficult for me. I write things much more clearly, and this just happens to be one of those things that I know I would have difficulty speaking. Okay? Thanks.

My younger sister called me this morning and told me that my dad has been admitted to the hospital. He thought he had the flu for about a week now, and today he told my mom that he thought his blood pressure was too high. My older sister is a nurse and went over to take his BP for him, and it was high but not alarmingly high. My dad decided to go to the doctor, and asked my sister to drive him (this in itself was odd). My mom had to stay home with my grandma or she would hav…