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Why I am feeling good today:
My super awesome husband got his CDL yesterday...and, provided his drug test comes back clean (which it had better!), he will get a new truck...which means he will have WAY fewer truck problems...which hopefully means he'll be home a little more quickly after his runs!
I am going to take a kickboxing class this summer! Until now, the only place I could find a class was through a health club...which, if you're not a member, was INSANELY expensive. This is through the Milwaukee Rec. Department and because we are residents, it's very cheap...I am totally excited I am FINALLY losing weight. I knew it would happen eventually but I was getting tired of exercising and not seeing results. Now I just feel more motivated
I JUST found out you can use Ziploc Zip 'n Steam bags for frozen vegetables...this is good because my son is obsessed with green beans!
Adam taught Elijah to grunt when he's putting on his is so cute! Now, when I hear c…