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Have you ever had one of those days when you're driving home with your husband and son from a fun afternoon which included shopping and dinner? Yeah, it was a good afternoon...we were chatting as I drove north on Duff Avenue. I heard an odd tapping noise coming from my car and turned the radio down, asking Adam if he heard the noise. Well, by the time we stopped at a red light in front of Target, I was JUST about to turn to Adam and tell him that I was going to pull over to see if he could hear the noise when he was driving. There was this CRAZY noise...and for a brief moment I thought someone had hit the car. But then I heard Adam say "Get down!" and he grabbed my head and pushed it down. I eventually looked behind me and realized the the back door window on the driver's side was just totally shattered. My well-meaning husband starting telling me to pull over and just drive but, well, I was sandwiched among many other cars stopped at the same red light! So once it t…