Have you ever had one of those days when you're driving home with your husband and son from a fun afternoon which included shopping and dinner? Yeah, it was a good afternoon...we were chatting as I drove north on Duff Avenue. I heard an odd tapping noise coming from my car and turned the radio down, asking Adam if he heard the noise. Well, by the time we stopped at a red light in front of Target, I was JUST about to turn to Adam and tell him that I was going to pull over to see if he could hear the noise when he was driving. There was this CRAZY noise...and for a brief moment I thought someone had hit the car. But then I heard Adam say "Get down!" and he grabbed my head and pushed it down. I eventually looked behind me and realized the the back door window on the driver's side was just totally shattered. My well-meaning husband starting telling me to pull over and just drive but, well, I was sandwiched among many other cars stopped at the same red light! So once it turned green, I started to try to pull over to go into Target's parking lot. Here are some photos of what we saw:
If you look closely, you can see a small hole. Adam is pretty convinced it must have been a BB gun. And here is a pic from inside the car:

Well, first of all, we're all okay. Second, holy cats! I'm still totally weirded out by this whole thing. I can't help but be thankful that first (and most importantly to me!) Elijah was behind the PASSENGER seat! There was not one glass fragment on him or even in his car seat. Thank you, God! Second, I'm so glad that it wasn't MY window! Third, I'm VERY glad Adam wasn't driving. I think if he had been driving, we would have pushed the 3-4 cars ahead of us into the intersection! And fourth, again, everyone is okay. Seriously. I'm bummed that my window is now completely gone (please see exhibit B below):

Exhibit B
That was all that was left of my window when we got home. Once again, it could have been worse...a lot worse.

Yeah, we've been living back in Ames for less than a month and my window gets shot out. Anyone know who doesn't like me???


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