Just now, Elijah made me smile and he doesn't even know it. He just went to bed about ten minutes ago. Before he went to bed, we spent some time practicing "listening", which has been a little difficult for him lately. I first asked him to put the trains away in the green bin, which he did very well...he even put the lid back on. Then I asked him to pick his cars up and put them away...which he did (but I didn't see where just yet). He then went to the gate and said "gate down? Eli bed!" I was impressed. So we went down the hall to his bedroom, he turned his radio on and we said prayers and he got into bed for the night. Excellent. I cleaned cat boxes, took our trash out and sat down to relax for the night. And this is what I saw when I sat down:

He sure did put his cars away! But wait...check this out:

Those cars are fairly evenly spaced! I'm so proud! My kid rocks!


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