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picture post

I figured it was time for a real post since my last two were cartoons and "cats in negative". So here is the past 5 days:

These were taken Sunday, while I was grocery shopping...look closely and you can see that there is chocolate around his mouth. While mom is away, Dad and Baby will play (and eat chocolate!).

Check out those cheeks!

Eli is showing you his teeth...nice gap, buddy!

"Squinty face"!!!

So I got back from getting groceries, and it was bath time...not for Elijah, but for Sadie. Her dermatitis was bad again, and I decided that a bath might be the best remedy. Adam had to watch Elijah so we have no video of the procedure, but here are some pictures from after while she was drying in the bathroom:

Recognize that last picture?? Not her most flattering picture but I think it's funny!

Then there was the ice storm we had. It was terribly icy in the morning hours, but by mid morning, it had turned to snow. We had HUGE snowflakes...they had to have been pushing gol…