let it snow

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I don't like winter. I used to say I didn't mind the snow...I just didn't like the cold. Well, we've had almost 70 inches of snow so far this winter and it's official: I DON'T LIKE WINTER.

I spent over an hour digging out my car from our parking spot in back of the house. This was rough for a few reasons. First, they actually PLOWED the alley! We normally aren't given that service. It'll be nice to drive in the alley now, but it also meant there was a good amount of snow plowed up behind my car. Second, there is really nowhere to put all the snow that I clean off my car and from around my car, especially when there is 17 inches on what little lawn area we do have. Third, I guess Larry-not-the-cucumber has decided NOT to park in back after this snow storm. His parking spot is still completely covered. I thought about just putting all my snow on top of his but decided against it after about 3 seconds. Anyway, there was just an obnoxious amount of snow to try to work with and around. Adam called when I had gotten about a third of the way done. I told him I wasn't sure I was even going to finish it. But then I remembered...this is Wisconsin. We're supposed to get between 2-3 inches tonight (ARG!!!) and then tomorrow afternoon, we're going to pull that really cool trick where the temperature drops like 40 degrees in a couple hours. If I didn't get my car unstuck, it would just be stuck in ice and covered with ice. So I just sighed and finished it. There was the mound of snow in front of my car that I couldn't get to because I had pulled too close to the stairs so I decided I may as well back my car up and shovel it out. I get in my car, put it in reverse and...

Yeah, it won't move. The tires just spin. Doesn't matter if I try to go in reverse or drive. I am stuck. I decided against trying too long because I figured if I spun the tires continually I was just going to end up with the tires in holes with snow piled up around them. I talked to Adam again and he suggested I put some salt around the tires. Done...but you know what? I don't even feel like going anywhere now! (I'm stubborn, I know...) It's not imperative that I go out today, but my Kleenex supply is going to be depleted pretty soon with Elijah's runny nose and my runny nose! Plus we have a VERY slow bathtub drain that really needs some Draino or something. And I need something for my cough. So I guess it's not a matter of life or death but I really was hoping to get to the store today. Oh well...there's always tomorrow.

So an hour of digging out of the snow while Elijah was napping and now we're just going to hang out here. I don't like winter...

...and I'm going to blame it all on that silly groundhog, Jimmy. He needs some glasses or something!

This is getting ridiculous....

Issued at: 2:48 PM CST 2/8/08, expires at: 11:00 PM CST 2/8/08

Blowing snow advisory in effect from 3 pm Saturday to 12 pm cst Sunday, wind chill watch in effect from late Saturday night through sunday morning,
The NWS in Milwaukee/Sullivan has issued a blowing snow advisory, which is in effect from 3 pm Saturday to 12 pm cst Sunday. A wind chill watch has also been issued. This wind chill watch is in effect from late Saturday night through Sunday morning.
A very strong cold front will push through southern wisconsin saturday afternoon. West to northwest winds of 25 to 35 mph, gusting between 40 and 50 mph, will cause considerable blowing and drifting snow.
Near blizzard conditions with visibilities less than one quarter mile will be possible at times. North to south roadways may experience significant drifting, and hazardous driving conditions will result.
Temperatures are expected to plummet Saturday night to between 7 and 14 below zero. These temperatures combined with gusty winds may produce wind chill readings between 35 and 43 below zero Saturday night and Sunday morning.
A blowing snow advisory is issued when blowing snow will cause restricted visibilities due to gusty winds. Conditions may approach blizzard criteria at times. Use extreme caution while traveling, especially in open areas.
A wind chill watch is issued when the combination of very cold air temperatures, and winds of 10 mph or greater, could create dangerously low wind chill values of 35 degrees below zero or colder for 3 hours or longer.
Even if wind chill warning criteria is not reached, such strong winds and bitterly cold temperatures would cause frost bite on unprotected skin within 15 to 25 minutes. Monitor the latest forecasts for updates and possible warnings on this situation.


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