Last night made me remember what it was like to have a newborn again. Elijah didn't fall asleep until midnight, and I went to bed. At 3:13am, I was awakened to a shrill scream...that didn't stop. I have NO idea what was wrong but Elijah was sitting straight up in his crib, eyes closed, screaming. He wasn't even fully awake. To get him to stop screaming, I had to wake him up! He woke up and I had to sit with him in the rocker while he calmed down. About 4:00am, he fell asleep again. I went back to bed. 6:00am...I woke up and heard him "talking to himself" in his crib. Then I heard him throw his paci across the room (I can hear when it hits the hard wood floor!). I know what follows...blankets and stuffed animals get thrown next...then he cries. Yup. So I went in there and picked up his stuff, gave him his paci and told him it was definitely not time to get up yet. He sat looking at me so innocently, laid down and appeared to be going back to sleep. kidding...he was loudly announcing that he was awake. So I basically slept in 1-3 hour increments last night, after he decided it was time to go to sleep! Just like when he was a little guy. He is gonna be tired today when he goes down for a nap...and since we got 8 inches of snow yesterday, I have to take care of that before I can nap. Actually, I went out last night and took care of the first 3 or 4 inches so it won't take too long to clear the rest. It's very light, fluffy snow...the pretty kind that sparkles in the sun. Hopefully Elijah will nap for at least 2 hours; I think I could squeeze 30 minutes in there to nap.

That's my update for today. I need to get the chili started in the slow cooker for tonight. I think as long as I stay busy, I won't fall asleep. Here's hoping...


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