It's just not getting better over here...

I talked to Adam on the phone last night between 12:30 and 1am (he's driving a truck, for those who don't know). He was super tired and needed a little company to help him stay awake. My throat had been hurting since dinner time and finally I told Adam I was going to take some Advil Cold and go to sleep.

Once I got comfortable in bed, whadda ya know? Eli starts wailing...the bad kind again. Poor little I stayed up with him until almost 2am, trying to rock him back to sleep. I go back to bed. When I wake up again, I heard him whimpering...not the bad kind, but enough to wake a mama! I laid there for a little bit, listening to make sure he went back to sleep. It was about 5:30am. As I laid there, I became VERY aware that I was running a fever. I contemplated getting up to take more medicine and decided against it (stupid ) because I was really warm in bed with all the kitties sleeping with me! So I just let myself fall back asleep.

7am...who's awake and singing in his room? Yup...I laid there for a minute to hear if MAYBE I could lay there and let him just hang out for 15 minutes or so. Nah, he wanted up. So we got up.

And I hurt...sore throat, (the kind where it hurts to swallow ANYTHING), headache, body aches, fever of about 101.5 (which of course means the chills), and WAY too much saliva in my mouth! (It hurts to swallow so I'm trying I'm trying to do it as little as possible). This bites...I haven't been sick like this since before Elijah was born. It was bad enough that at the beginning of the month, I had that flu, but at least Adam was home then. Now he's in Ohio, and that means even though I'm sick and want to sleep, I am up and trying to be as active as possible. Elijah seems to's weird. I told him when he got up that mommy wasn't feeling very well and we needed to play today without freaking out so much! He smiled. He's had a couple moments, but I've been able to divert his attention to other stuff from my place on the couch: "Where's frog-toad? Bring it here!" or "Where is your truck? Show mommy how it works!" and even "Where's a kitty? Go find a kitty!" That last one is kind of mean...he takes off down the hall looking for a kitty that I know FULL well he can't bring back to me. But it keeps him occupied for about 5 minutes before he comes back in the living room and plays some more with his toys.

So yeah, I'm eagerly awaiting to see the first signs that he's ready for a nap...should be VERY soon! Then at 11:30am I can take more medicine and take a nap. I'm not even going to pick up his toys first! (I'm such a rebel, huh?)

It's super cold today...again...wind chills around 20 below still...I really loathe winter weather. I am ready for spring...whenever it wants to come around, I'll be here, ready to throw a party for it!

So that is " 3"...we're going to nap soon and hopefully we'll both be in good shape when we wake up.


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