Still here...just been busy with various other things (job interviews, etc!) are some pictures to hold everyone over until the next batch!

Elijah regressed a little...we had his swing out for cousin Olivia while my sister and her husband were visiting. Elijah decided he wanted to use his swing again! HOWEVER, he's going to be too big for it soon, and all he wanted to do the past week was be in his swing. So Adam and I put it away last night. So far today, he hasn't seemed to miss it too much!

Elijah enjoying some oreo-cream pie...he has a serious sweet tooth.

He also likes to eat his rubber ducks...or at least suck on their heads like a paci!

...pushing his truck around...pretty soon he'll be big enough that we can put that seat down and he'll ride it!

This was a Christmas present from the Kollers (my older sister's family)..we call it Yoga Monkey because you can position him in some crazy ways!

And finally, Elijah's new favorite toy. Yes, that is a snot has never been used for nasal secretion removal, however, so it is clean. Still pretty yucky though, hey? Crazy monkey!

That's all for now...will update again when I can!


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