I am the size of a whale...

So I tried to go clothes shopping this evening after work for some special-type clothes. I am a beached whale...bloated and just huge. I thought dressing room mirrors were supposed to be "forgiving" and that's why clothes look good on you in a store but not at home?!?! If what I saw was FORGIVING, I must be the size of TWO BEACHED WHALES! Kind of depressing...this is not something I should be leaving for the last minute...yeah, that's kinda funny I guess.

On a more positive note, Adam and I got to tour the hospital last night and see the birthing rooms and so forth. WAY COOL! I was rather impressed with the hardwood floors...and the hydrotherapy room...definitely thinking that is a good idea if I can. I guess this hospital has something crazy like a 70% epidural rate so the room doesn't get used much...well, sign me up! They can let me start using it now ! I want to avoid epidurals...really really don't want to go there...I have this "thing" about my back. So yeah...the hospital is very nice, big rooms, nice floors, nice paint...I'm just pleased.

Okay, well I have much to do prior to my busy day tomorrow so I really must move my beached butt away from the computer and try to accomplish some housework and stuff so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow.


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