appt #1

My first OB appointment was today. I am pleased with the OB that I fact, Adam and I are both VERY pleased. My first delivery ended up being a pretty big disappointment for both of us, and we were both so unhappy with the way we were treated at the hospital and how our wishes were pretty much ignored. Today we got to sit down with Dr. Leach in his office for about 20-30 minutes prior to my exam to talk to him about health history and my pregnancy with Elijah. As we relived my first delivery with the doctor, he at one point sort of chuckled and said "This all seems unreal to me...I'm waiting for you two to tell me you're joking!" I won't go into detail about the past because, quite honestly, it's over and done and I don't want bitterness to start in me again. But one of the first things I told my new OB is that I don't want another c-section unless it's totally necessary...such as he tells me the baby is in danger. He said that's fine...he totally supports my decision to try a VBAC. I also told him that I didn't really want to be induced this time, which he is also supportive of. He said it's better for VBAC patients to go into labor on their own because there's less of a chance of the old c-section scar tearing that way. He said unless I go past the 42 week mark, he won't induce unless it's completely medically necessary. He strongly urged us to write out a birth plan. I smiled and told him that I did have a birth plan with Elijah...Adam gave it to the nurse at the hospital who pretty much smirked and said "well, just remember delivery doesn't usually go the way you want it to" and put it into the back of my chart. Dr. Leach told us that if we take the time to write a birth plan, he wants us to bring it to an appointment so we can go over it together. As long as everything on the plan is medically safe, practical and reasonable, he said he will respect it. I believe his exact words were "If you want to give birth on your hands and knees, that's fine...we'll get the baby out!"

I'm so relieved. I was worried I might have to see several doctors before Adam and I found one that we both liked and who was willing to at least let me try for a natural birth. But I have a tremendous peace about this...I feel like God pointed me in the right direction for this one. Not to say it was easy...I sat at the computer with my insurance paperwork and researched doctors for about 3 weeks! I made lists and watched video introductions that these doctors provided. I narrowed down my choices to about 4, and Dr. Leach was #1. The good thing is that this time around, I knew the questions to ask and Adam and I both know that if we're not happy with something, we just have to say something. If I had known when I was pregnant with Elijah that I could have switched OB's halfway through, there is a pretty good chance I would have. But that's water under the bridge now...

Anyway, that's my new doctor in a nutshell. He's awesome...I'm feeling good about it. I had all my lab work done this morning as well...all those vials of blood they steal from you! Dr. Leach does an ultrasound at about 10 weeks and then between 18-22 weeks. He likes to do the early ultrasound because he said that getting fetal measurements earlier provides a more accurate due date. If you wait until 18-22 weeks, there is a margin of +/- 2 weeks. At 10 weeks, there is only a margin of +/- 1 week. He said this will be particularly beneficial for me, so that we don't jump the gun on that 42 week mark for an induction. So, I'm waiting on the lab to call me to set up that first will be after April 1st but before April 10th.

So that's it for now...hope everyone has a good week!


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