My little monkey is napping. All four cats are napping. I, however, am not napping.
(that was pretty deep, hey?)

It is chilly and kind of rainy today. I'm waiting for the sun to come out, as the weather people have promised it will. It's just gray and dreary right now. Elijah and I got everything accomplished this morning that had to be done. One positive is there is a lady selling her baby clothes...mostly 18 month, 24 month and 2T. Sweet...I got 4 summer pajama sets (shirt and shorts), three shirts and 3 pairs of shorts for $10. They went through her two boys and are still in really good shape, too. I went to her house this morning to pick them was actually pretty cool. She has a 3 year old that Elijah wanted to play with immediately. It was good to see Elijah being more social...he doesn't get around other children nearly enough and is usually pretty scared at first. Not today...he didn't want to leave. So anyhow, this lady has 4 kids total, and the two youngest are girls so she isn't keeping any of her boy clothes (she said after 4, she decided that was enough...) She said she has like 5 Rubbermaid bins that she's going through now and posting clothes on Craigslist. And since she is like 20 minutes away from me (not all that far, but far enough that I don't want to drive it every day!), she told me to keep looking and jot down posting numbers if I see stuff I like/want. She'll set them aside and I can come pick them up when it's convenient and there is enough to warrant making the trip. Sweet.

We also went grocery shopping. Elijah grabbed a loaf of bread while I was getting something else and totally squished the last 4-5 pieces by the time I got it out of his claws. I was amused, to say the least...and then, I turned the loaf around and stuck it back on the shelf! I also noticed that Elijah is going to have to be watched more closely when I go shopping with him now. We got to the frozen foods (last stop!) and I pulled over to check and make sure I had everything. I did...and some other stuff that I didn't get. Elijah was putting it in the cart! It wasn't even good stuff that I could "justify" getting (such as chocolate) was weird stuff: a can of cabbage, one potato from the produce dept., some sort of leafy type end of some vegetable, a package of dehydrated gravy, and a jar of cloves. Well, I couldn't justify just leaving this stuff on the closest shelf either (especially after the bread incident!) so I found the closest stocker dude and asked him if he could return this stuff...that my son told me he didn't want them anymore. He looked at me was great! So yeah, that was shopping.

That's my excitement for today. Ooooo...except I see the sun! Yay! Now maybe it'll warm up a little. I'm not a big fan of the 50's (degrees)'s not warm enough for me to be comfortable in short sleeves. I'm getting tired of sweatshirts.

Anyway, adios...


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