's 5:56pm on Sunday. I just got home from work and decided I had better look through my closet for something to wear to my meeting in Illinois tomorrow...uh yeah...I can't even get some of my dress clothes over my butt anymore This is so not good...well, it's OK that they don't fit because I know the extra weight is for a good cause. However, it is not good that it is now 5:57pm, on a Sunday, and I am now realizing that I don't have clothes to wear tomorrow. I should be freaking out much worse but I am mildly amused . Adam needs to hurry home from work so we can go spend some Target gift cards before they close! (He hates going clothes shopping with me because I am quite difficult to shop with but any chance to go to Target is taken by both of us!) We came to the conclusion last night that I really don't look bloated anymore...just pregnant Kinda freaky...I saw it starting to happen and then I woke up one morning and looked like I swallowed a watermelon...yes, that is the fruit we have decided I am shaped like! According to wives tales, this means the baby is a girl (my mother is probably celebrating already!). Hmmm...that's been my gut feeling for awhile now but who knows? We might now after Wednesday ... Caitlin, isn't your next appointment on the 14th or somewhere close to that?

So I'll be there are some curious people out in Iowa that are wondering where the pictures of the watermelon-shaped Sandy are, hey? Well, I'm not putting any up just have to wait until Wednesday !!


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