bed rest sucks

I am bored...

I have actually started feeling contractions now...nothing serious however. Nothing but random contractions...but at least they are there and I know what they are. These aren't those "painless tightening feelings" that people talk about...I don't even think I felt those, although the fetal monitor said I was having them! No, these are real. I just wish they'd get closer together, and stronger. Sometimes I think I'm crazy because I'll be laying down or watching TV and I start to wait for them and look forward to them...and then when it happens, I almost WISH it would hurt! I'm not a masochist...I'm just really looking forward to some productive contractions now! But I am so thankful that at least there is some progress...

I just realized that I write with way too much of this: " blah blah blah...blah blah blah...and something something something..." I am just a big run on sentence sometimes and I think I excuse it by saying "BUT THE THREE LITTLE DOTS, YOU KNOW!"

**The above paragraph can be chalked up like a comercial: "This is your already crazy pregnant brain on bedrest...any questions??"

I have decided as well that I am glad I am due in November and not anytime between May and September. For the most part, even in Wisconsin, the weather is much too nice and I think if I had been stuck inside during that time, I might be more cranky than I already am. At least now, it's cold and cloudy. The weather men are calling for rain/snow mix late tonight and into early tomorrow. So at least I can snuggle up with the cats under some blankets and shut out early winter.

So that is my random update for now...wish I had something exciting to share but at this time, all I can say is something random with some "..." at the end!


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