first check up and pics

Elijah had his first checkup's his current stats (and old ones for comparison):

11/17/06 (His birthday!) : 7 lbs, 10.4 ozs and 18.5 inches long

11/21/06 (we came home) : 7 lbs even and 18.5 inches long

11/29/06 (today) : 7 lbs, 6 ozs and 19.5 inches long

As his Dad so nicely pointed out, at this rate he'll be taller than his Mom in no time! We have to go back for a weigh-in next Friday since he's not back to his birth weight just yet. Of course, this makes me a little worried. I know this child is eating FREQUENTLY enough...I think he'd allow himself a permanent hook-up if I'd let him! But I just hope the QUANTITY is enough. I need to know that I'm providing him with enough! I think an inadequate milk supply might be too much for my crazy hormonal state....

Let's see...what else? Dr. Milonas (that's Elijah's doc!) sort of laughed at us when we told him that Elijah hates his crib. He said that's just because Adam and I are too nice. Maybe...but the other night, we reluctantly decided to try to let him cry himself to sleep. I laid awake for the hour and a half it took him to stop crying...and I felt like the worst mother on the face of the planet. Ugh...I wonder who this will be harder on? But I do know that he can't sleep in bed with us forever; and I know that I need to spend more nights in my bed than on the couch! Plus, I think Adam will feel so much better once he knows I'm getting some decent sleep.

Pretty much, Dr. Milonas said he's healthy and doing well. I have to say I'm pleased with our pediatrician. He's very easy to talk to and I have felt comfortable with him since the beginning. And Elijah seems to like him (at least until the shots start coming, I'm sure!). PLUS, he milked our son today. Yes, you read that right! He was explaining to us how Elijah is getting all of my hormones right now and babies go through this sort of "newborn puberty" and we shouldn't be alarmed by some of the we may see baby acne or we may see a drop or two of milk on his nipples -- then he squeezed one of them and sure enough, there was milk! I was stunned and slightly amused...Adam wasn't looking at the time and he said he's glad he didn't see it because that's crazy!

Anyway, here are some pictures!

Elijah home 037
This is Elijah trying to escape his changing table prior to his first bath at home...he hates so much to be naked!
Elijah home 048
This was his hooded frog towel. He looks a little happier, hey?
Elijah home 053
Elijah and Dad, all dressed after his bath. This is one of Dad's favorite outfits (it says "All Star" on the front).
jetta-etc 020
This one is especially for Grandma and Grandpa got us these socks for my baby shower and this may be one of the last times he wears them! Either his feet are getting longer or those bird toes are!
jetta-etc 021
And this one is especially for Grandma Bright...sorry about my finger on the left (I am a terrible photographer!). We got this outfit from you for my baby shower and I've been telling Adam ever since then that I couldn't wait for him to be big enough to wear it. It's still quite big (notice those HUGE cuffs on the sleeves!) but that's OK because he'll be able to wear if for awhile.
jetta-etc 017
One of the quieter moments...he's a good snuggler!


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