Goodbye, old store!

I don't have too much time right now because my poor Sadie lady has a vet appointment at 4:15... but I just got word that my poor, little ol' Taco Bell was bulldozed today. First, SOMEONE was supposed to notify me! I wanted video footage. Idiots. But oh well...I have other things to think about I suppose...

One of my assistants happens to live close by and went by to get some pictures, which she sent me on my cellphone. Sorry the quality is so poor but they're still good pictures.

Still some walls standing. Must be dining room because of the colors...


If you look closely, you can see chair backs! Too cool...


And my favorite of the bunch:
You can't really read it but that orange piece of paper was a sign made by me because the booth was reads : "PLEASE do not sit on this!". I'm amused...

So it's fantastically real now...wait, let's make that Fan-TACO-tastic! That is it for that store. Wow...............*sigh*


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