Well, tomorrow is our big moving day. It's been crazy here for the past week! Adam has had to work crazy long days all week which has meant most of the packing has been my responsibility. You never really realize how much "stuff" you have until you try to pack it into boxes! We're downsizing the goods, I think. Less is more, right?? So I am taking a quick break from the chaos and posting what will probably be my last post for a little while. We aren't going to have free internet in the house where we're going and I'm not sure when we're getting it hooked up. If it gets to be too long, I'll just run over to my parent's house and use theirs, but only after we unpack again ...I really do not like the packing/unpacking parts! Ah well, this probably will be the last move for quite a while so I'll just smile through it .

So I'll leave you all with a few pictures...

IMG_2146Elijah helping us pack...

Notice all that drool?? Still no teeth but LOTS of drool!


Cats in the cabinets! Finnegan and Hussy weren't cooperating with the picture taking...

I think he wants to play the piano...awww...I'm so pleased!


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