Today is a yucky day...started snowing around noon and it looked so pretty. I thought maybe when Elijah woke up from his nap, we would go outside for awhile. Not a chance...all that nice snow turned to ice, sleet, freezing rain. I know the Iowans can guys have the same stuff from what I heard on the news! we're all stuck inside, listening to the ice-snow-whatever hit the windows. Elijah is still not completely well. He's super crabby and super clingy. The second part I don't mind. He comes up to me all day long and wants to be snuggled. The crabby part is a little much. It'll pass...

So I've got some more pictures to post...not much else to do today! Actually, I was going to go outside and shovel while Elijah was napping again awhile ago, but our upstairs neighbor took care of it. Larry (the guy upstairs, not the cucumber) even salted everything. Good guy...they might argue a bit too frequently for my liking but they're OK by me!

So, here are the pictures. First, a few from yesterday. Let me explain first that Sadie, my black cat, has been "under the weather" lately. She has a severe case if feline dermatitis! So the first pictures are of the t-shirt we constructed to try to keep her from licking her scabs off (I know, gross, right?)
This was the prototype that Adam made while I was putting Elijah to bed one night. She figured out how to get out of it, however, so Adam cut another sleeve off of one of his shirts and this is what resulted:
We tried to tell her how beautiful she was, and that her shirt was super cool...but later that night when we went to bed, she sneaked into the couch and wriggled out of it again! Crazy Sadie Lady!

So Elijah and I had to take her to the vet yesterday. It was super cold...and Elijah had to get all bundled up for the trip...
IMG_2936 his new coat, hat and mittens from Grandpa and Grandma Guenther. Actually, the coat is just the liner part of his whole coat. It's super a Columbia jacket that you zip together or take apart? And the part he has on in the picture is reversible...the inside is fleece, however, and I thought that would be more comfy for him!

So we went to the vet, and Sadie got a shot of cortisone. Elijah got a new toy from the vet:
It's a squishy, stress ball like the shape of a capsule! Our vet got it from one of the drug companies and he and Elijah played with it in the lobby while I was paying the bill. So Sadie got cortisone and Elijah got a huge, fake pill. Good times!

So on to today. Finnegan was enjoying watching the snow earlier:

and Elijah ate an early dinner a little bit ago:


...mmm, turkey dogs and carrots! It's one of his favorite meals lately...well, at least until he decides to start dropping it on the floor!
If you look, however, he didn't start dropping until he was pretty much done! Good baby-baby!


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