Any day now...

We were doing so well...granted, I'm a little bit apprehensive about letting Elijah sleep on his tummy but he has been sleeping SO well. He sleeps between 2.5 and 3 hours at a time with minimal fussing prior to passing out. And he wakes up in a good mood each time, eats happily, burps quite loudly and then goes back to sleep (after he gets his back rubbed for a few minutes!) It has been a good few days here...

It is now child is wide awake and has been since his dad got home from work. He has dozed off a few times but only for about 5 minutes. I'm getting sleepy and he is wide awake, staring at me from his swing. I'm am so very tempted to leave him swinging and just lay on the couch but I've got this issue with even thinking about being sleepy myself when he is awake. I just wish he would get tired already ...

Let's see if I can find some good pics to put up to keep myself busy for a few minute...eli-1
Oh how I LOVE this picture! He was so happy after our drive back to Wisconsin.

This, however, was the look I gave Adam when he tried to take my picture after our drive back to Wisconsin! (EDITOR'S NOTE: anyone else notice that my chin resembles a butt?)

I stole this picture from Caitlin...he looks so small!

This is my fat boy,'s pretty tough to get good pictures of him because he's camera shy . But he's getting "up there" in ferret years so I want to be sure to get a few pics of him posted, too...

OK folks...that's all for now...sigh...sleep would be so nice right now! Guess we'll be sleeping in tomorrow


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