OK, yuk...that's what I have to say. I really don't want to elaborate too much but let me put it this way -- I have VERY FEW clothes that actually fit me! It's not like I'm trying to fit into way small clothes, either. I just wanted something comfy to wear around the house and guess what? EVEN THE CLOTHES WITH AN ELASTIC WAIST AND STRETCHY FABRIC LOOK PRETTY GROSS RIGHT NOW. I guess I shouldn't really care...I'm pretty sure Elijah doesn't mind if I look like a cow. And I know the cats don't care. But I do...*sigh*

On a different note, I think I'm going to take down our Christmas tree and decorations today. There is no snow on the ground and it doesn't feel very holiday-like or festive anymore. Besides, my parents surprised Adam and I by having two bookshelves put together in our apartment for us when we got home from Iowa. Thanks again, Dad and Mom! So I need to make some room in the living area for them so I can get the books on them...right now, the cats seem to think the shelves are sleeping areas for them! Come to think of it, anything new we bring in here becomes a "cat nap area" for a short time! Crazy felines...

I think maybe I'm going to take a nap first...Elijah finally decided to start to fall asleep at about 3:15am last night/early this morning. Yeah, he got that from me I think...I can go to bed at any given time and it takes me about 45 minutes to actually fall asleep. Since Adam had to be at work at 7am this morning (means he leaves at about 6am), I kept Elijah out of the bedroom until I was sure he wasn't going to scream (the ONE downfall to having him sleep in our room I guess...but it makes feeding him easier and I think he likes being closer to us!). So once his little eyes stayed closed for about 10 minutes, I started to move into our bedroom. He woke up, of course, but he was sooooooo tired! I wonder what makes humans fight sleep sometimes? Ok, so anyway, we went through the whole ritual of him spitting out his pacifier about 30 times...and I had to keep turning the vibrating thing of his pack-and-play's bassinet back on for the next half hour or so...and he needs his back rubbed before he can sleep...and then he started snoring (seriously!)...but then he turned his head over and it was quiet. TOO QUIET...I'd start to fall asleep and then I start thinking "Why can't I hear him breathing?". So I'd sit up and put my hand on his back...yup, still breathing! I usually do this about 2-3 times and then exhaustion kicks in. So, he probably fell asleep shortly after 4am...I think I looked at the clock at 5am for the last time.
I am truly a spaz!

SO ANYWAY, that's why I think I'm going to nap quick. Elijah is snoozing in his swing and it is yucky outside (sun hasn't been out at all today) so it's a perfect time to just sleep for an hour maybe. Then it'll be feeding time and almost time for Adam to be coming home from work. Tonight needs to be a bath night for Elijah, too. Adam and I think he may be starting that 6-week old growth spurt because he's been eating more frequently again. However, he seems to be pooping everything out...I don't know where he puts all of it INSIDE because it hardly fits in his diapers when he poops it out! Wow...that may have been too much info for everyone!


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