Yeah, OK...I am so tired of the diaper blowouts that we seem to be experiencing so frequently over here. I think we have just two options: either I'm going to invent some diapers that actually WORK or Elijah is getting potty trained. Hehe...poor little guy can't even completely hold his head up yet! Or stand up...or crawl...or talk...pooh...guess the second one is out of the question right now. And I wouldn't know where to start with the invention...not to mention I'm sure Pampers and Huggies have special spy-type people that would come to my apartment, blow up my clandestine diaper lab and take me into custody for questioning. Then they would brainwash me, and I would probably end up redecorating my house in disposable diapers.

Our stupid apartment building management has really done it this time! First they tell us that we won't be able to use the laundry room for like a week because they're going to put in new tile as part of their plan to "better the apartment community"... we have a list of stuff that needs to get fixed in our "LIVING QUARTERS" but hey, I guess I should be thankful for that freshly tiled floor in the storage/laundry room. However, there is a note on our main door saying that due to the new tile project, we need to GET OUR STUFF OUT OF OUR STORAGE COMPARTMENTS so they can put tile in there too. And if we don't move the stuff, and label our compartments with our names, they will consider it abandoned and dispose of our things. WHAT? First of all, if all the apartments are leased, and all the compartments are full, THEN THEY AREN'T ABANDONED! And just where do they want us to put our things? Duh...if they all fit in our apartment, we wouldn't need the storage area! And is January in Wisconsin...the weather is unusually nice right now but it could snow tomorrow. WHY ARE WE RENOVATING IN JANUARY? And this stupid note doesn't say WHEN they're doing this work so for all I know, they're downstairs now. I'm irritated...and I'm not the only one. The girl downstairs said her boyfriend just moved in last week and now their storage is PACKED. She said there's no way they can move all that stuff anywhere. Adam and I agree...why should we drag all that stuff up 3 flights of stairs?

I need a nap today...I am a little on the cranky side.

Well, my blowout baby is awake again and wants to eat...gonna go feed him some steak! (Not really, but it sounds good to me!)


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