Goodbye, cramped apartment!

It's official...we are moving at the end of the month. Our application was accepted for a three bedroom duplex and we are totally excited! Not only will the cats have someplace to escape to (Elijah is starting to irritate them at times!), but we will have way more room, hard wood floors in all the bedrooms, ceiling fans in almost all the rooms, and a basement. It's going to be so nice to eventually be able to do laundry there. No more broken coin-operated apartment complex pieces of crap...and no more laundromats! The laundromat with a 9 month old is interesting, and difficult.

Oh wait...the best part of this deal? We are right across the street from Humboldt Park! For those not familiar with it, it's one of the nicest parks in Milwaukee County. It's really big and has a pond (you can ice skate on it in the winter), tennis courts (I would love to start playing again!) a big playground and lots of paths to walk on. It's cool...we were really hoping this place would pull through. Our new landlord is totally cool, too...his name is Sepp (yep, it's Sepp!) and we can tell he's going to be a good landlord. We told him about some of the problems we've had in the past. And we told him flat out that we are SICK of living in apartments. We want someplace we can treat like our own (without ghetto neighbors who have flies all over their windows...on the inside! Long story...*sigh*). Adam asked him if we could paint and stuff...he said he'll buy the paint if we do the work. And we're not allowed to paint the walls and ceilings black and cover the windows with aluminum foil! I guess he had a tenant do that once and it took him forever to paint over it. I assured him that we weren't even thinking about black, or foil. Yay!

One of the best part about moving this time is we have hardly anything to pack! When we moved in here, we figured it would be for 6 months until Adam was transferred. So we kept at least 2/3 of our stuff in storage to make moving easier, and because we just didn't have room for it here. Plus we know we're moving into someplace super cool. I can't wait...

Oh sheesh...gotta baby's pants are too big and the are halfway down his butt right now! I can't believe his 6-9 months pants are STILL TOO BIG!!!


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