Today has been a rough start to our day here in the Clark house. I woke up way too early, for one. That did mean I got to exercise before Elijah woke up...but then I felt really sick...and threw up. Yuck. I'm okay now...just a little headache and a stiff neck but I think the neck thing is because I threw up. Yuck. Anyway, Elijah woke up in one of his moods, kicked his bowl of oatmeal out of my hands and threw a tantrum within the first half hour he was awake. On top of that, he had a doctor appointment today and his brilliant momma made his appointment for 1pm, which meant he wouldn't get a nap until afterwards. This would have been okay except his appointment took over an hour! He started freaking out at soon as the exam room door closed. He just didn't want to be there. The doctor couldn't get see in his ears due to the excessive wax build-up and he had to get his ears flushed. OH MY WORD. He was not a happy boy. I had to practically lay on top of him to keep him still, one nurse had to hold his head and the other nurse had to do the flushing...which took forever...and the first few attempts mainly got me wet! He screamed the whole time. It was just awful. On top of that, he got his finger poked for the lead test and two shots...the poor, poor monkey! He was so tired after his appointment he couldn't even walk...well, he tried but he walked into the door frame. He pretty much passed out as I was bringing him in the house and he is sleeping now. Yeah...and we have a thunderstorm and tornado warning right now because of a really bad storm coming our way with 80 mph winds. I may have to get him up to go in the basement if it gets too bad! He is going to be an absolute train wreck by later today. I feel so bad for him.

It's one of those days...tough day to be the monkey (and the monkey momma, too!)


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